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Everything your Lawn and Shrubs need ...
nothing it does not !
Granular Lawn Fertilizer Program for Jacksonville FL Homeowners

Why Granular Fertilizer?

When choosing a Lawn Treatment company in Jacksonville FL, it is important to know what type of fertilizer they are going to apply to your lawn.

Broadly, there are two choices: Granular Slow Release applications or Liquid Nitrogen applications.

In Jacksonville FL, we have sandy soil which means that liquid fertilizer will quickly leach through the soil and into the water table. This is why you will notice that with liquid fertilizer applications, your grass will be green for just a few weeks and then loose it’s color.

We use LESCO® premium slow release fertilizer treatments that are blended and developed to release nutrients slowly and evenly. The granules are coated to slowly dissolve and release a steady supply of nutrients to maintain your lawn’s health and beauty.

LESCO® premium fertilizers have the following benefits for your lawn:

  • Maximise Root Health and Minimize Thatch Buildup
  • Reduce Nitrogen Leaching
  • Reduce Water Usage requirements

We have designed our Premium Granular Fertilizer program with long term lawn health in mind. Our fertilization program has everything in it your lawn needs, and nothing it does not.

Our premium granular fertilizer program includes a balanced nitrogen application program recommended by The University of Florida and many knowledgeable agronomists and horticulturists specifically for North East Florida and the Jacksonville Florida area.

Fungus and Insect prevention

Many of our competitors follow the reactive approach to insect and disease damage in your lawn. This approach allows massive damage to your lawn before it can be addressed. Did you know that sod webworms can completely destroy your lawn in a matter of days?

Our premium granular program includes specific preventative treatments to help curb insect and fungus infestations before the even start. We take a much more pro-active approach, and while there is nothing that can 100% prevent these infestations, our approach will make any infestations less damaging and far easier to get rid of. Our approach will stop 90% of insect and fungus infestations before they even start.

Weed Control

The first defense to a weed free lawn is proper soil management and proper granular fertilizer applications resulting in a healthy and thick lawn. Our Premium Granular Fertilizer Program for the Jacksonville FL area includes ongoing selective weed control with every visit to your property.

We do not tank mix the same weed control solution to be broadcast on every property. We custom mix solutions from an arsenal of products to effectively treat the weeds that are present in your lawn. This is more environmentally friendly and ensures that our treatments are targeting the weeds in your lawn, making the treatment more successful and actually getting rid of your weeds.

The Importance of a Soil test

Your lawn needs the correct soil PH and micro-nutrients to thrive. Many companies do not perform a soil test, but we think it is so important to having a healthy and green lawn, that we will automatically do a soil test every 2 years. This not only gives us accurate information to be able to adjust your PH levels if needed, it also tells us if there are any other shortcomings that will hold your lawn back.

Fixing soil PH problems and micro-nutrient problems is critical to a healthy lawn. Soils that are too acidic or too alkaline restricts the ability for your lawn roots to absorb the nutrients it needs.

Lawns growing in optimum soil conditions slows thatch build up, reduces watering requirements and reduces the possibility of fungus problems.

Give us a call today at 904-503-9600 to schedule a free lawn evaluation and learn more about how our Premium Granular Fertilizer Program can make the lawn you’ve always wanted a reality.

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