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It is very exciting when you have decided to install a pool or patio and the work starts. Capping your sprinkler pipes and heads are an often overlooked item that needs to be addressed and budgeted for. We often get called in to “fix” things after the pool and landscape is in, and the homeowner discovers that the sprinkler system is either capped, or is leaking in many places.

Sprinkler Re-pipes and sprinkler repairs for pools and patios

It is far more cost efficient to involve us from the beginning of your project. That way we can locate the sprinkler heads and lines, cap or turn them off and plan for the necessary re pipe of affected zones after the pool/patio is complete, but before sod and landscape is installed.

Installing a pool or patio significantly changes the design and layout considerations of your sprinkler system. We have done this countless times, so you can count on us to efficiently re pipe your sprinkler system while maintaining the correct water coverage and pressure to water your lawn and landscape without dry spots or areas with lack of coverage.

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