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Sprinkler RepairTechnician with sprinkler valve

Sprinkler heads and risers

Broken sprinklers and pipes are one of our most common sprinkler repairs. These problems cause a waste of water as well as weak areas for your landscape. We carry all types of sprinklers on our trucks so that we can perform these repairs at the time of service. Did you know that just a few broken sprinklers and/or risers can cause a water bill in excess of $400 per month if not fixed promptly?Broken pipes can cause even more water waste. Many things can cause broken pipes: large tree roots, digging or construction near the pipe, or simply just a failed glue joint. We have the experience, tools and knowledge to locate broken pipes and sprinklers quickly and efficiently.


Sprinkler Valves

Sprinkler Valve repairs are often needed when you have a zone that will not turn off, or a zone that will not turn on when the other zones are operating normally. We have found that the most common valve failure is a broken solenoid, which if an easy fix.Other common causes of sprinkler valve failure are failed internal parts like the diaphragm or internal springs. Sometimes it is even necessary to replace the whole valve. Our trucks carry an assortment of common solenoids, rebuild kits and entire valves so that we can fix your valve quickly. We also carry high tech wire trace and valve locating equipment on each of our trucks so that we can find your valve quickly.


Sprinkler System wiring

To diagnose and repair Controller and wiring problems in your sprinkler system definitely requires the proper tools and experience. Controllers can malfunction for many reasons. It could be blown fuse, a bad transformer or a more serious problem like a failed system board. We can diagnose your controller quickly and make repairs if we can. If repairs are not possible, we carry quality controllers on the trucks.Wiring issues are some of the more complex sprinkler repairs that you may need. Tools and experience are essential to quickly diagnosing the problem and making the repair. With our state of the art wire tracing equipment we can locate the issue quickly and make the needed repairs efficiently.

Technician doing sprinkler tune-up

Pipe Repairs

Broken main line and supply lines in your sprinkler system can cause dangerous washouts and waste a lot of water. We carry all the fittings and items needed to quickly and efficiently repair any broken pipes or fittings on your sprinkler system.

Sprinkler repair in Jacksonville, FL can be simple and relatively easy to fix, or it can quickly become very complex needing specialized tools and experience.

A broken sprinkler system brings with it many consequences. Not only will your landscape suffer from a broken sprinkler system, you will also be wasting water, money and time if the problem is not resolved quickly.

Our team of experienced technicians (each sprinkler technician has at least 25 years of experience) have performed every type of sprinkler repair imaginable. We have the tools, knowledge and solutions to quickly diagnose your issues and make effective repairs as needed. Our trucks are fully stocked with parts and equipment to perform most repairs without having to reschedule service.

Our commitment to customer service also means that you will receive text or email updates to keep you informed on the entire status of your service. This included confirming appointment time, a reminder the day before your appointment, when our technician is en-route to your location, when our technician arrives at your location an when our technician has completed your sprinkler repair.
Give us a call today so that we can schedule the sprinkler repair needed to get your system running at peak efficiency.

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