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My sprinkler system won’t turn off

There can be quite a few reasons why your sprinkler system will not shut off. Typically, this issue is evident when one zone continues running. This causes extremely high water bills, so it is important to shut your sprinkler system off at the main water source as soon as possible. If you have a separate sprinkler water meter, this is the best place to shut it off. If you have only 1 water meter for the house and sprinkler system, you will need to find the backflow preventer. The backflow has two shutoff handles. Closing either one will shut the water off to your sprinkler system. Be careful though, the shut off valves only turn one way and often require the use of pliers to turn off. Do NOT break it. A new backflow preventer is costly. Typically the backflow is installed on one side of the house or other. Sometimes it can be hidden in shrubs and sometimes it can be somwhere else on the property.



Once the water is shut off, it is time to troubleshoot the cause of your zone not shutting off. Some of the most common causes are:

  • Controller has failed and is sending continuous voltage to the zone
  • Valve solenoid has failed
  • Valve ports or diaphragm have failed

Our crews specialize in sprinkler repair in Jacksonville FL and can quickly diagnose the problem for you. Repairs will vary depending on what the cause is.

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